What is a Clubhouse?

Evidence-based Model

Thunderbird Clubhouse is a community of individuals in recovery from mental illness. The goal of Clubhouse is to support members as they rediscover talents, abilities, and interests. The participants at Clubhouse are called members because they take an active role in the operations and policy-making process. Members find that with time and work, they see themselves as more than their illness; they regain things they may have lost such as family relationships, friends, employment, and a place to live. During rough times, Clubhouse serves as a support system, reachout to members who are isolating or struggling. 

In 2010, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recognized the Clubhouse International Model as a Best Practice. Research has linked Clubhouse participation with reduced incarceration, hospitalization, and homelessness rates. Through Clubhouse, members obtain employment, complete educational goals, develop social networks, and experience improved overall health. 

Work Ordered Day

Members, in partnership with staff, operate Culinary, Clerical, and Communication units. Each unit has its own specific tasks for which they are responsible. Members have the opportunity to participate in all Clubhouse activities including advocacy, administrative support, building maintenance, food preparation, reception, finance office, data entry, and so much more. 

Members make decisions at every level of Clubhouse, from deciding what’s for lunch to serving on the Board of Directors. Clubhouse belongs to the members; the role of staff is to empower them to do the work of Clubhouse, facilitate self-advocacy, and serve the community as a whole. We do not provide therapeutic care; instead, we provide practical vocational and life training skills.


We have housing resources that are available to members. We want to make sure every member has safe and affordable housing. In the last year, Clubhouse has assisted 25 members who were living on the streets or in shelters obtain stable housing.


We have various levels of employment support for members that want to work in the community. We partner with multiple organizations and businesses that hire our members.


We offer in-house classes on various subjects and have members who help tutor other members in certain subjects. We also support our members with their educational goals by providing micro scholarships for those who qualify. 


We believe in working hard and playing just as hard! We have several social events each month including restaurant outings, movie nights, karaoke parties, and even an annual camping trip. As a promise to our members to ensure they are not alone, we are open each federal holiday so we can celebrate together.

Health & Wellness

We offer a nutrition program that includes healthy, low cost meals and snacks as well as opportunities for fitness. Our members lead weekly Tai Chi and meditation classes. We also take members to the YMCA twice a week, so we can encourage each other to stay well both physically and mentally. 

Individual Development Accounts

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matching savings accounts for members where a member deposits a specific amount of money per month and Clubhouse matches that amount with a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio, depending on the members’ length of time in the program. At the end of twelve months, the member walks away with a large sum of money to help them with their financial goals and to keep them from going into debt or using predatory lending options. We also include financial planning and knowledge as part of this program so members can make the most of their savings and limited incomes for future sustainability.

Artist Collective

Our Artist Collective program supports and encourages member artists to create and exhibit their work. The Artist Collective has had many exhibitions and art events since its inception in 2008 and has impacted approximately 90 members over time. Clubhouse is full of wildly creative and talented artists who meet regularly to discuss their art projects and share their work with one another. Many members find that, through their art, they are able to regain autonomy in their mental health and recovery journey.

Virtual Clubhouse

Virtual Clubhouse is the space for members to connect digitally for meetings and social activities via Zoom. Click the link to download the app and join the meeting.

Regular Meetings:

Morning Unit Meeting – 9:15am, Monday to Friday

Afternoon Unit Meeting – 1:15pm, Monday to Friday

House Meeting – 1:15pm, Wednesday

Socials -2pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Wellness Activity – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday

Contact Us!

1251 Triad Village Drive
Norman, OK 73071

(405) 321-7331