Linn Blohm

started her Clubhouse journey as an intern in 2008 while she was finishing her Master’s in Social Work. She became a program staff in 2009 and worked six years in the Clerical Unit. In 2015, Linn landed her dream job as Executive Director of Thunderbird Clubhouse. 

“I have a deep appreciation and passion for the Clubhouse Model. Most days, I wake up thinking about Clubhouse and fall asleep with it still on my mind. I care about my role and responsibilities at Clubhouse, but most of all, I care about our members and staff. Clubhouse has become my second family, and it makes me happy and excited to come to work each day.” 

When she isn’t working, Linn spends her time with family and trying to keep up with her two young sons. Her favorite thing to do is watch trashy reality TV shows.

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