Heidi Smith

has worked with Thunderbird Clubhouse since 2015 and joined the staff full-time in April of 2020.  With a background in administration, she has specialized in non-profit finance, operations and governance for the past 10 years. Her community service includes a current appointment to the City of Norman Social & Voluntary Services Commission, volunteering for the Community Development Block Grant Policy Committee, and past service on the City of Norman Children’s Right Commission.

“Thriving non-profit service agencies are an essential segment of the social safety nets.  I would make it about 26 minutes as a social worker/ direct service provider; Clubhouse gives me a place to use the skill set I have to be of service to vulnerable members of our community.”

Aside from her life as a non-profit finance geek, she is an actual sci-fi geek, predominately on Star Trek; Jean Luc Picard is her Captain.  Her other interests include finding casseroles that freeze beautifully , discovering the perfect chocolate cake (flourless anything is not an actual cake), taking up craft specialties long enough to complete one project (maybe), and watching Monty Don on Gardener’s World from the BBC.

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